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About Us

Veterans' Coffee Company was founded on July 4th, 2013,  thanks to an "offbeat" idea that formed during a regular coffee outing for veterans. The idea grew to become a company known for bringing fresh-roasted, international coffees to customer's nationwide. We love bringing coffees from all over the world to your door, and we're sure you'll love drinking them.

Coffee Beans in a Drawer

Our Brokers

Thanks to Chief, we were able to secure some of the world's finest coffees, using coffee brokers. These brokers taught us everything we needed to know about buying quality coffee overseas.

Supporting Combat Veterans

We are 100% veterans owned, operated, and sourced! Everyone who works here is a veteran and every time we grow, we pull veterans off the street and give them jobs. Everyone who works for us has been in combat and most are combat wounded veterans. We are members of Veterans of Foreign Wars™ and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce™. thank you for supporting veterans.

Our Mission

At Veterans' Coffee Company, we strive to provide you with the best-tasting, fresh-roasted coffee you will encounter!  We will develop a relationship of trust and respect as we show you, "the difference that fresh-roasted makes", and what we are capable of.

In the midst of doing this we have created a company that is both visible and productive within the community, the country, and in the hearts of our fellow Americans. We are not merely in the business of roasting coffee, but we are also memory creators, allowing you to mentally travel and experience destinations not yet visited.

You will hear us say:  For Us, By Us, From Us which means:  Made for our fellow Americans by a company that is Veteran owned and operated, from the heart and soul of the people who love you, protect you and are YOU! We are Veterans' Coffee Company and we are American Proud!

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