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The Freshest Gourmet Coffee Around

The name of our company describes exactly who we are and what we do. If you want to taste freshly roasted, gourmet coffee from a company that's owned and operated by veterans, choose Veterans' Coffee Company.

Gourmet Coffee

Ground By the Pound

In grocery stores, you get just 12-14 ounces of coffee that has been sitting around on a shelf losing precious flavor. Here at Veterans' Coffee Company, we make sure that you get the whole pound (16 ounces) of coffee—and it's freshly roasted!

How We Process and Ship Your Order

Veterans' Coffee Company chooses the finest Grade 1, fair-trade, green coffee beans. When you place your order, we roast your beans just for you, so our coffee is never left sitting on a shelf. Once it's roasted, the coffee is ground, packaged, and shipped out via USPS. We do everything we can to ensure your coffee's timely delivery.

Really Fresh Coffee

We offer fresh roasted coffee to order, so you can enjoy it the way it should be—never stale. All of our bags come with degassing valves to ensure freshness. Whatever type of coffee you order, we always strive to ensure it is no more than three days old when it arrives.

More to Come

There's always something new to try at Veterans' Coffee Company. We will add quality coffees and great deals whenever we find them. If there is something that you would like to try, ask us about it. We might have it—just not enough of it to list and sell on the website.

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