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Our Quality Coffee

Single-Origin Coffee

Colombia Supremo - $7.25

A blend of unrefined sugar sweetness, along with dashes of raisins and dried cherries. A illuminating tartaric acidity highlights the cup.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - $9.00

A delicate profile saturated with a honey sweetness.  Acidity is bright and accentuated by flavors of pomelo and sweet lime.

Kenya AA - $10.00

Like tart grapefruit or orange juice.  Developed sweetness and candied citrus peel fade to berry and citrus hints in the finish.  A well developed, yet smooth finish.

Brazil Cerrado - $8.00

Flavors of dark sugar and bittersweet cocoa. Roasted nut and lightly-fruited notes come into play.

Coffee Beans

Dominican Republic (RFA) - $9.00

Great depth and sweetness with rich notes of golden raisin, maple and fig. Deep and syrupy with notes of molasses or burnt sugar.

Nicaragua FTO - $8.25

Balanced levels of sweetness and acidity. Malt sugar and roasted nut tones give way to cocoa finish.

Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO - $8.25

High levels of fruit, sweetness, and acidity. Refreshing acidity and fruited with concord and white grape, plum, and apple.

Honduras Stricta - $7.85

Aroma of sweet pipe tobacco and complex sugar browning. The cup is laden with honey sweetness, dried tamarind and date.

Costa Rica SHB - $8.45

Dried plum and raisin with sugar-browning notes, and thick, fruited sweetness. Finish is buttery-sweet, and with a dark chocolate.

Sumatra Mandheling FTO - $8.65

Shows classic characteristics of molasses sweetness and earth-tones, hibiscus and aromatic woodsy notes.

Papua New Guinea A/X - $9.15

A smooth, balanced cup with a sweet-smelling, floral aroma with hints of sassafras and a moderate acidity.

Sulawesi Kalossi - $9.05

Great depth and sweetness with rich notes of tropical fruit and mixed spices which add to the dimension of inherent flavor notes in the bean.

Fresh Coffee with Beans


Flavored Coffee

Southern Pecan
Cookie Doodle
Jamaica Me Crazy
German Chocolate
Pecan Praline
Mocha Créme
Chocolate Noisette
Jamaican Rum

Blended Coffee

Sunshine Blend (Reveille) - $8.75

Smooth, mellow and complex with a toffee and caramel taste. It slaps you across the face and tells you to get up!

Cuatro Blend - $9.25

Big and bold with dark chocolate and burnt caramel aromatics.

Baru Blend - $12.00

Very aggressive chocolate and molasses flavor, with a touch of toffee.

Premium Coffee

100% Hawaiian Kona coffee - $25.00

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee - $28.00

Decaffeinated Coffee

Colombian (SWP) - $8.35

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